Lamborghini Gallardo with a manual transmission

Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the most popular sport cars nowadays. At Geneva Motor Show Lamborghini Gallardo 2016 LP 560-4 with a manual transmission was exhibited.
The coupe layout can be understood when to decipher the letters in the title – Longitudiale Posteriore, LP means that the motor is put on the center lengthwise due to the motor located in the database, the cabin has been moved forward, and Lamborghini seems wider.
One of the additions in this Lamborghini was a spoiler that can be raised at high speed. With the new diffuser and spoiler, the function of pressing became 30% more.
Although the car is not really high, only 1165 mm, you can get into the car with ease, even though traditional guillotine doors of this model have been substituted by simple ones.
On the Central panel there is a color monitor for the rear view camera as a very narrow rear window restricts visibility. The instrument panel can be finished with leather or carbon fiber, and the seats are made using leather or Alcantara, all on the choice of the buyer.
Between the speedometer and tachometer dials is placed an additional screen showing which gear is engaged at the moment.
This car has a very rich complete set, a set of airbags, climate control, excellent braking and ASP, as well as the still present entertainment system, USB-port, but the most important advantage of this car is the motor V-10 volume 5,2l.