Lamborghini Diablo – the real evil car

In sunny Italy, near the city of Modena, where the Lamborghini factory is located, the hot air was nagging above the asphalt. First came the sound to us. You can’t confuse it with anything else – 12 cylinders in sing unison a battle demon song. In a matter of seconds from a small point in the distance rose a bright yellow car and instantly dashed off into the distance, again turned into a barely perceptible point. Lamborghini Diablo car is a legend, though is being made for only 10 years.

After the Lamborghini transition under the wing of Chrysler Group in 1990, an Italian brand began to recover from the experience of the financial crisis, when the very existence of the brand has been questioned. As a result we could see the birth of a new model. Phenomenally beautiful, but having lost commercial success superbolide Countach gave way to an unusually long for sports standards Diablo.

From a technical point of view, the new model is fully established in the spirit of the Lamborghini brand traditions, like Lamborghini Aventador, for example. The basis of the design is a spatial tubular frame over which beautifully sleek body of the master of the highest class of car design Marcello Gandini is “dressed”. The very body is made of heavy-duty and lightweight materials: carbon fiber and Kevlar. The whole process of manufacturing and fitting is performed manually by experienced craftsmen. The power unit is placed within the framework of the passenger compartment. Creation came out very spectacular, terrifying, otherworldly, demonic – that’s why it is called Diablo.